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Today, it’s no longer about just getting your brand online; it’s about creating meaningful experiences. The emergence of wearables, connected TVs, connected cars and other smart objects is creating a whole new range of emerging channels through which brands can connect with consumers.

We believe in capitalizing on these new channels and using them as motivation to change the way we build applications, architect products and provide services.

We are very careful to safeguard consumer trust – in fact, trust, privacy, transparency and security are the key elements in this space.


«Possibility. If luck favors a prepared mind, so do possibilities. Preparedness and foresight define, even enlarge, this realm of possibility. With foresight and intelligence, all that remain are choices.»



No matter if you decide to go native or hybrid, The Macallan Group is here to help enterprises to startups build sophisticated applications that are scalable and extensible and run on any screen and every platform. We draw from our experience in all major industries, and we engineer solutions that solve for the most challenging problems.

We take cross-platform application development seriously. We believe in writing and maintaining one code base regardless of what kind of and how many platforms our clients are considering. The MG makes your time-to-market faster, technology strategy simpler and future-proof, consequently reducing costs.

A typical engagement for us falls within one of two approaches… The full lifecycle application projects; this is where we assume complete responsibility for the analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment of applications. Cooperative Application Development; we work with our client teams to jointly analyze, design, implement, test and deploy applications.



We take a comprehensive and thorough inventory of our clients touch points in order to understand all the ways customers may interact with their brands. This takes time, but it’s worth it… When we organize your touch points with your channel strategy, you then have a clear vision for where your priorities should lie. Having a better understanding of your customers’ situations, and what drives them toward loyalty or defection, is a critical step. We create customer-centric vision for the future, we continuously track what is working and what isn’t. Experiences are evolving, and it’s easy to get left behind. With us building on your customer touch points, we could help you stay ahead.

Low Fidelity to High Fidelity


Do you have an idea for a new product or are you looking to innovate in your industry? The Macallan Group believes it is often essential to prove that the product works, which can be done through prototyping.

Prototyping involves realizing the product design in a tangible form which allows the design and functionality to be further refined through the full prototype spectrum. A solid prototype demonstrates and provides real evidence of the product’s performance through a more visual method. Our process will help to resolve principle technical issues and is a core part of the product iteration cycles. The Macallan Group’s Product Design team will work with your team to build a prototype that will help you gain credibility and inspire confidence in investors and key stakeholders.



Whether you are looking to create engaging virtual worlds or immersive applications, The Macallan Group is always looking to innovate with partners who are just as willing to contribute their time and expertise. We keep an eye on the horizon for new technologies, emerging trends, and best practices across a wide range of industries.

We like to experiment, try out new techniques and simply think that doing something that not many are is fun for our partners and our teams. One thing we will always stand by – by combining thorough research, frictionless design, and rapid application development – we can deliver and amazing experience worth talking about.

Tell us what you want

Made to Order.

We know that each and every client has unique problems to solve and that an “off-the-shelf” solution probably won’t be helpful. Our Engineering teams have real-world experience architecting unique solutions through custom buildouts or platform integrations. Technology provides us the tools, we add the creativity. That’s another way of crafting work that inspires.

Let’s Engineer Something Great Together

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