NJ Marketing, Design & Media Company | Why focusing on a digital presence is critical for success in healthcare
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Why focusing on a digital presence is critical for success in healthcare

The online healthcare consumer is majorly impacting the healthcare industry. They are shopping around for healthcare services and physicians the same way people shop around for hotels, restaurants, and running shoes. Their journey begins at a search engine, like Google, where they enter an injury, medical conditions, or specialty that, with luck, will lead them to you. Ninety-six percent of people who find you on the internet won’t connect to your practice website directly. They will start at a search engine – like Google. They enter your name, your practice, a specialty, or a medical condition into the search field and Google will decide if your website matches the search criteria – if it thinks you don’t match, it won’t show your name in the list.

Understanding the importance of a strong digital presence can be the difference between success and failure in today's healthcare landscape.

There are many technical factors that impact SEO, from the keywords used on your page to the way your site is structured. Your site may already employ some of the techniques required to rank highly in search engine results, but be lacking in others. Therefore, a thorough assessment of where your website stands currently is critical to understanding how it can be further optimized for improvement. With strong, well done programming, your site will show up higher in the results page on a given search.

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